Chicago, IL | San Antonio, Tx

Cross-Cultural Digital Marketing Director & Strategist

Oscar Peña is also the Founder of DMG Digital Marketing Group, LLC. & Chamoy Creative, LLC. Both Proudly Based in #SATX

Quick Snapshot of Oscar Peña

About Oscar Peña

Oscar Peña’s experience growing up between Mexico City, Chicago and San Antonio has greatly shaped his ability to communicate to a diverse and multicultural audience. His expertise, incomparable intuition and impressive attention to detail has led him to work on interactive projects with award winning agencies in the United States and in Latin America. Learn More About Oscar Peña

Work Experience

Oscar Peña has dedicated his entire career to helping brands develop a web and social media presence that will convert into success. He is a digital marketing veteran with over ten years of experience in Conversion Optimization, SEM, advanced analytics and social strategies. His clients range from Fortune 100 companies to small startups.

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